Ski Jumping

I was over at the Minneapolis Ski Club this afternoon to photograph ski jumping. There are plenty of chances to photograph ski jumping in the Twin Cities, with both Minneapolis and St. Paul having ski jumps, but most of the competitions are at night. Today was a beautiful day, and the prospects looked really good. Today’s site had 4 jumps, with the meet starting on the smallest jump and moving to the largest. I arrived when they were competing on the next to the largest hill, their 30 meter jump. This was good timing – a chance to practice some photography stuff on that hill, then move up to the 70 meter hill for the photos I was really looking for. That was a great plan. I got a few decent shots on the 30 meter hill, and things looked really promising for the 70 meter – the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, problems were detected on the 70 meter jump. The snow/ice under the track that the jumpers come down was determined to have “honeycombed”, and they worked on it for quite a while. They then announced that they would work on it for another hour or so, and would subsequently announce whether they would have a competition. Since my guess was that they weren’t going to jump on that hill today, and the wonderful lighting was beginning to go away, I decided to bag it. There is a competition tomorrow afternoon over at the St. Paul Ski Club, so I have another shot at day time photography, but we may not get the wonderful sunlight we had today. That’s the breaks, I guess. A few shots from today are on the web here.

Ski Jumping on a 30 meter hill

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