Developments in the Produce Section

This morning when I was in the produce section at the grocery store, I noticed that they were selling grapples. A grapple, as the signage explained, “looks like an apple and tastes like a grape“. I wondered what feat of genetic engineering made this possible, but when I got home and searched the web, I learned that this result was achieved via alternative means. Roughly, they just soak gala or fuji apples in grape juice until they take on a grape flavor.

Is this merely a marketing attempt to create of new product to tempt jaded shoppers? Or is it something else, a new way to upsize the offerings to the American consumer? You will realize it was the vanguard of a broader attempt to get folks to buy larger things if you see new products in the produce section with names such as appleloupe“it looks like a cantaloupe and tastes like an apple”.

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