Minnesota History

Today we received in the mail the Fall 2006 edition of MINNESOTA HISTORY, The Quarterly Journal of the Minnesota Historical Society. A major article focuses on Lorena Hickok, who blazed new paths when she covered Gophers football in the 1920’s. One of the captions caught me eye:

“Some 3,000 fans flocked to the U of M Armory to see the crucial Minnesota-Michigan game, relayed live from Ann Arbor, depicted on a blackboard.”

With my attention having been captured, I scanned through the article to find:

“Fans who wanted a visual depiction of th game, meanwhile, were invited to the University of Minnesota Armory, where ‘two men, adorned with ear phones,’ would literally draw pictures ‘of the plays almost simultaneously as they were being executed’ in Michigan.”

I guess that pretty much makes it clear that at least some parts of the nation were ready for television.

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