Dumbest Clucks Ever?

Prime candidates for the dumbest clucks ever were the goobers at Columbia Records, the people who worked with Aretha Franklin before she moved to Atlantic. If you can’t record great music when Aretha’s singing, there has to be something seriously wrong with you.

On the other hand, I recently became aware of an important part of the Stax record saga in Memphis. One day a group called Johnny Jenkins and the Pinetoppers arrived at the Stax studio for a recording session. During the course of the day, the guy who drove the Pinetoppers and shlepped their equipment into the studio, kept asking if folks there would listen to his singing. Late in the day, a guitar player at Stax got the job of hearing the fellow sing, and soon Otis Redding had recorded “These Arms of Mine.” Hence, I figure you have to ask the question, how dumb was Johnny Jenkins, how dumb were the Pinetoppers, that they had Otis Redding right there and had no idea what the had?

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