Tornado Touches Down in Hugo

Late yesterday afternoon a tornado touched down in Coon Rapids, north and west of here. The path of the storm took it east, and it passed through Lino Lakes, just north of where we live. The tornado touched down again in Hugo, just north and east of here, where it did substantial damage.

Pat and I are marveling about damage roughly 10 miles away. Here is part of an e-mail from a guy I used to work with:

“Yep I’m ok. I’m on 157th St and 159th is where most of the damage happened. About 200 yards away there are homes completely destroyed. We have no power so we have a motel for tonight. Supposedly power will be back tomorrow by 6PM. We lost a tree, have damage to the siding and lost quite a few shingles, but the house is still standing and in one piece.”

The boundary between devastation and modest damage from a tornado can be quite narrow, in the range of 200 yards as John Somsky indicates.

This photo from the Star Tribune gives just an indication of the devastation that tornado left behind:

Tornado damage in Hugo

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